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KORN is an American rock band based in Bakersfield, California. It comprises five members and is famous for making the nu-metal genre recognized and played in mainstream media. The band was formed in 1993 and became famous after releasing their third and fourth albums titled “Follow the Leader” and “Issues,” respectively. Subsequent albums elevated the band’s name and popularity across the entire world. As a result, the members have toured the world multiple times, won many awards, and worked with renowned personalities in the music industry. The most prestigious awards include:
  • 2 Grammy Awards
  • 2 MTV Video Music Awards
  • AMFT Award

Korn is signed to several famous music labels, including Prospect Park, Caroline, Roadrunner, Elektra, Virgin, and Epic.

The band brought its radical energy to the NFT space in collaboration with Dreamoanut, a graphic designer and 3D artist. Together, they dropped a debut collection under the name “Monuments” on MakersPlace in 2021. The drop is an introspection of emotions and thoughts through surreal scenes representing the condition of feeling imprisoned or tied to ideas, times, and people.

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