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Julian O’hayon

Julian O’hayon is a Belgian luxury fashion designer, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and founder of the Blvck Paris clothing line. He started by designing websites for multiple clients during his college days. At the time, he learned coding and made a movie-sharing app named “MoodMovie.” On the side, he curated his social media page on Instagram, @anckor, with minimalistic designs and black-themed remakes of popular brands. One of his posts which included a blacked-out version of the M&Ms brand went viral and earned him attention from Creapills, a magazine in France, and the Vogue magazine in Taiwan.

In 2017, he teamed up with Thomas Johnston to bring the Blvck Paris lifestyle brand to life. Julian’s debut collection in the NFT space came in the Summer of 2021 on the MakersPlace platform. The drop was titled “Dark Mode 01” and featured unique 3D motion graphics pieces which genuinely represent the Blvck Paris brand. The included items demonstrate the poetic and artistic endeavors of Julian’s brand. They extend the love of aesthetically pleasing monochrome art and design presented in minimalistic format.

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