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ju5tcre4t is an artist who ventured into NFTs with no prior knowledge of the art world. He hoped to pick experience up along the way and grow with the community in his NFT projects. Leveraging the power of social media worked in his favor as he built a loyal fanbase on Instagram and Twitter. He has captions alluding to the freedom availed to new artists on all his social media pages through NFTs. Following this, he creates works of art without following any particular theme. As such, each of his artwork is unique in its own way. ju5tcre4t hopes to create a platform where anyone can articulate their point of view on any subject through art. In this regard, his website hints at an upcoming NFT project for the community around him.

ju5tcre4t led budding creatives by dropping four collections in the NFT space towards the end of summer in 2021. The drops were titled “Metal Shave Blade Necklace,” Just Classic Zippos,” The New Money,” and ” The Wise Monkeys pxlart.”

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