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Joby Monstre, popularly known as MONSTREphotos, is a self-taught photographer based in Miami, Florida. She is part of the 2021 Alumni group of the University of South Florida. She has been involved in various photography gigs until 2020 when she joined the crypto world. She is a crypto enthusiast and an NFT artist/collector and works with NFT Snippers. This is an NFT group on Twitter that unites NFT collectors and investors. From time to time, it hosts Twitter spaces to discuss current and upcoming NFT projects which are of interest to them. This group also supports hicetnunc.xyz, a decentralized digital assets platform based on the Tezos Blockchain.

MONSTREphotos has been involved in various big photography projects, with her work being appreciated in different countries. In 2021, she released her first NFT collection titled Fractura. It is a 25 part series that features fractal images created from other variants. She uses vintage software from the early 2000s to craft her artworks.

Outside her career, Joby Monstre is a dog lover with various breeds under her shelter.

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