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FriendsWithYou is a joint effort between 2 like-minded artists, Sam Borkson and Tur Sandoval, aimed at spreading positive vibes of magic, luck, and friendship. FriendsWithYou work on art with intentions of bringing friends closer, promoting peace, love, and harmony. 4 animated characters, Malfi, Mr. TTT burger, The boy and Rainbow King, appear in many of their works and have come to be known as “Friends”. The duo’s efforts have put their art in front of many eyes in both solo and group shows. Notable installations include the Get Lucky installation in Miami, The Fun House in Las Vegas, Happy Rainbow in Hong Kong, and the Art Parade in New York City. FriendsWithYou joined the NFT space in collaboration with Diplo, a member and producer of the Major Lazer Music Group. Their drop, Cloud10, is a 10 part animation series which includes original scores by Diplo. Proceeds from one of the pieces are reserved for 3 art related charities; P.S. Arts in Los Angeles, Arts for Learning in Miami, and Free Arts NYC in New York City.

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