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Dave Pollot

Dave Pollot is a software engineer, painter and digital artist based in New York. He was born in 1979. He has created a name for altering thrift store paintings by adding pop culture characters and other figures. He uses oil paints and pop culture icons to make masterpiece artworks that bridge the existing classic and port art divide. Dave passion for painting and drawing dates back to his early age when he used to sketch on scrap papers using leftover paints on old cardboard. After his college studies, he focused on software engineering only to turn back to painting in 2010 after meeting the love of his life, an avid thrifter.

Today, his paintings and artworks have been displayed in homes, businesses, private collections, and galleries in over 50 states in the United States and 40 plus countries across the globe. He has worked with Hypebeast, New Balance, Sony, McDonald's, Instagram, Business Insider, HiFructose, and the SyFy Channel.

Dave Pollot has embraced the NFT space by making a grand entrance with drops such as:

  • Uncharted Waters
  • Embark
  • Navigate & Explore variant series
  • HODL the Course
  • Navigate & Explore

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