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Damien Cifelli

Damien Cifelli is a multidisciplinary creative in fictional writing, jewelry design, painted art, and illustration. He is based in London and holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Edinburgh University. Damien’s claim to fame happened through his fictitious writing about the land of Tarogramma. In it, he tells a story about a make-believe world that resembles our own. His works in painting and sculpting depict a detailed imaginary culture that has its own aesthetics and understanding. Some of his spectacular creations are exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy. He has participated in group exhibitions such as the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition in London and D Contemporary in Mayfair, London.

Highlights of his carer include scooping multiple awards, including a Foundwork Artist Prize, Dazed X Gap New Generation Award, and The Fashion Illustration Drawing Award. Damien entered the NFT space in 2021 with a debut drop on Crypto.com titled “Tarogramma.” Later, he dropped his second NFT titled “The Citizens of Tarogramma.”

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