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Alex Ness aka NessGraphics is a gifted artist that has been working in a wide range of modern media, mainly in 3D animation, modeling, and design.

From the age of 12, Ness was drawn to using tech to create captivating digital stories appealing to his audience, seasoning his tales with obsessive detail.

Speaking on non-fungible art creation, Ness doesn't consider it work but pure self-expression. The creator devotes most of his time now to creating beautiful cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, and nature-themed visuals and motions from scratch. Also being in love with making shows for musicians, Ness sometimes takes up music visualizations for his friends or artists he likes.

Currently, with about 560 NFT artworks estimated at over $6 million in market cap, Alex Ness can rightfully call himself a success. Some of his most distinctive NFT arts, such as K1LLSCR33N and ngmi. are valued at more than 100 ETH each.

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