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Crypto Birthday Cakes

Crypto Birthday Cakes is an NFT project based on celebrating each day of the year. As such, 366 unique NFT collectibles exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Each cake is unique, but in a way, the creators gave special attention to some cakes, making them tastier than others. A few of the highly regarded cakes include the ones that represent the birthdays of prominent people such as Queen Elizabeth, Albert Einstein, David Bowie, and Harry Potter. The Crypto Birthday Cakes project went live in the summer of 2021 with the hope of awarding a free cake at the 25% milestone of project completion. The owners aimed to increase the frequency of giveaways to once every month when the project reached 50% completion. Upon completion, the owners plan to launch an interactive calendar showing the owner of each day’s cake. A second phase titled “Crypto Birthday Slices.” will follow, comprising 8760 NFTs equal to the hours of each day of the year. Details about the Crypto Birthday Cakes project get shared on a discord server where the community members meet.

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