The Second-Highest Price of 300 ETH Was Paid for 000.eth Domain

ENS domains keep gaining popularity in the realm. Today, every company or individual engaged in web3 is committed to owning the .eth name. The current 000.eth domain sale is the best evidence of that.

On July 3rd, an anonymous buyer acquired the 000.eth ENS domain for a whopping 300 ETH. According to NFTGo, at the time of purchase, a sum in USD amounted to 316,862.81, making 000.eth the second-highest deal after paradigm.eth bought in October 2021 for 420 ETH (around $1.5 million) accordingly.

The venture capital platform Paradigm was rumored to be standing behind the deal, although the company's execs denied the fact. Although the 000.eth buyer's name is unknown, we still know that he or she is quite a crypto nut. The wallet holding 000.eth also houses two other ENS names, including samanatha-000.eth and samanatha.eth, as well as a couple of top-tier NFTs. Presumably, Samantha is holding a Bored Ape #3553, which is estimated at 115 ETH, and Fidenza #229 priced at about 85 ETH.

While the web3 world is booming, we can only expect the growth in demand for ENS domain names and a rise in their evaluation. 

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