4 NFT collections launched on the 19th of June 2023

Mashabas NFT

Jun 19, 2023 – Jun 26, 2023

Biggest NFT launch out of Africa! The adventures of Noko Mashaba. Mashabas beyond Africa

Noko Mashaba has officially launched the biggest NFT project out of Africa, the Noko Fan Ticket...


Jun 19, 2023 – Jun 26, 2023

Zoobots are an anthropomorphic robotic species that exist in the future metaverse. They are a fusion of DNA, bioengineering, and robotics and will be taking over the metaverse by storm....

The Nixeu NFT

Jun 19, 2023 – Jun 26, 2023

we started this NFT Project - Nixeu-NFT to expand your perspective on art. The 4333 NFTs in this first collection will not only be perfectly rendered but also with great...

Dogs & Cats Remastered

Jun 19, 2023 – Jun 26, 2023

Our NFTs are more than just digital collectibles, they will grant access to our community, events, and exclusive perks.

We created our NFT Club to bring to life our ambitions...