Woman Yelling at a Cat

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November 18, 2022 – November 21, 2022





Memes have long become an integral part of our lives, both on the web and IRL. And while web3 is gradually capturing new terrains, the fun pictures aka memes surrender to the trend.

Thus, one of the most hyped and reposted memes of 2019, Women Yelling at a Cat, comes in a never-before-seen format, as an NFT. The picture features two screen captures. The left frame depicts The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress Tylor Armstrong who is yelling and pointing, as well as Kyle Richards, who is hugging her friend over the shoulder. The right part of the meme features a cat from Ottawa, Ontario, Smudge, sitting behind a plate of salad.

Thus, the famous picture, seized 447×223, will be auctioned off as a one-of-one NFT via the Foundation NFT marketplace. The NFT creation found official support from both women depicted in the meme. Moreover, it was backed up by the Ukrainian PR community, and the Unchain charitable fund, which provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainian affected by war.

As part of the charitable initiative, 25% of all money raised from the NFT auction will be granted to the Unchain Fund, which stands behind the NFT meme creation.

Participate in the auction to acquire a loved NFT meme alongside aiding the victims of the Ukrainian-Russian war.

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