Weird Doctors: Animation 1

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April 01, 2023 – April 08, 2023




Weird Doctors is a 3D-animation project that turned out to expand it's original goals with a game as endgoal. It is founded by fully doxxed 3D-artist Bob Joostens who is willing to put his heart and soul in achieving an awesome play and trade experience for the holders of Weird Doctors NFT's!

The goals of this project:

- Make a fun game to play together!
By buying our animated art you support the development of our very own 3D multiplayer platformer game. The goal is to make it so you can connect your cardano wallet and use the animations from the NFTs you own to play the game. Every collection will have a specific animation which will represent your player's medical approach in the process of saving lives.
Because we want this project to be more than just animated artwork. We want to build this into a community full of people having fun playing a game together. We want to give the owners of the animations the ability to put their weird doctors to good use! 

- Raise the bar in the world of NFT art.
Each NFT will have:
- A unique combination of many traits.
- Detailed materials and textures.
- Multiple fully rigged 3D-animated characters.
- Manually brought to life with an eye for the 12 principles of animation.
- A place in a visually appealing world with doctors acting weird.
Aren't you tired of seeing these projects popping up everywhere having the same easy-to-make illustrations??
I am. I want to spend time and put effort in making the art stand out.
- Try to help people in danger.
By donating 20% of profit to organisations that save lifes.
Like many of you, I believe in the power of helping people too. If this project succeeds I want to make sure it has a positive impact on other people as well.

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