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December 25, 2022 – January 01, 2023



Minting is Live , Mint Price: 2.5 SOL

Unios - representative of Unilaunch is an item in an incredible NFT collection of 5555 unique NFT avatars on Solana Blockchain inspired by powerful unicorns.

The collection includes exotic Avatars that are made up of hundreds of innovative traits. Distinctive vibrant colors and styles make each Unios one of a kind and also help determine its rarity.

The highlight of the Unios is that it is more than just an NFT collection. If you own an Unios NFT, you are eligible to become an exclusive member of the VIP Group to gain some distinct perks such as IDO allocations, airdrops, in-person events, Share-to-earn rewards and more.

No two Unioses are alike, you are unique in Unilaunch's ecosystem.

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