Toothy Town

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September 30, 2022 – October 07, 2022



Hello, we are Toothy Town, We are passionate about thinking outside the box and bringing the perfect union between a decentralized organization and developing an active community, being the main foundation of our branding.

Read our whitepaper:

Below you can read all the steps of the Toothy town roadmap. More detailed information about the roadmap will be released through out twitter  as the project progresses

Phase 1: The first Toothy

Beginning of the story [1/3].

Project presentation.

Creating Discord and twitter.

Building Organic and Healthy community.

Website and Whitepaper Release.


Phase 2: Creating the Tooth World

WL spots and Giveaways.

Mint website development.

Visualization of first Toothy’s (Sneak peeks) 1/1 traits.

Mint date and price announcement.


Phase 3: Listing and Rarities

Give Toothy’s a Home (Mint Day).

Listing on main secondary markets (MagicEden, OpenSea).

Rarity releases.


Phase 4: Not-Staking and DAO creation

Creation of Side-Chain token $TOOTH.

Creation of Toothy Town DAO.

Lease system , First on the Solana Ecosystem.

NOT-STAKING creation in which every Toothy will generate $TOOTH over the time. Without need to Transfer NFT from your wallet.

Creation of TOOTHY MARKET.

Raffle system in which NFTs, Whitelist Spots and IRL Benefits will be available to buy using $TOOTH.


Phase 5: Real Value Proposition

Creation of our Betting Platform focused in Mystery Opening Box.

Creation of the first P2P Trade. Allowing P2P Trade of almost anything, with personal mediation.


Phase 6: Evolution system

Continuation of story [2/3] .

Evolution system (Same Toothy will evolve, metadata change , details will be released when reached this stage).


Phase 7: Toothy and Beyond

The Future are awaiting for us.

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