The Shiba Games

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October 14, 2021 – November 14, 2021



Welcome. You just stumbled upon an exciting secret within the metaverse. These are The Shiba Games. We will keep things as simple as possible as we introduce you to the games.

Grand Prize:

Winner of Game 11, or split among survivors by majority vote.

-45.6 Million Shiba (SHIB) -456 ADA -45 NFTs

The basics:

  • Shiba Games ‘Life’ Token cNFTs are required to participate in the games. They cost 25 ADA each, and are limited to a maximum of 10 per player. There are a total of 4560 entry tokens stored as .gif files.
  • There are 10 main games, 2 games a month, and an 11th final game where only one surviving player can win the grand prize. There are also prizes each game and rewards for holding. The games will all take place online.
  • Each game requires risking the ‘Life’ of one token, losing or idle players will have their tokens eliminated from play as the games go on. A player who buys 10 Life tokens and survives at least one game is guaranteed a spot in game 11.
  • NO FLIPPERS! Your player profile is locked to your contact information and owned tokens after verification ends. This is meant to be a NFT collectors/fan contest. You are free to move/trade your tokens freely until the first game starts, but tokens traded after that will be disqualified from play.
  • The games will be simple, and fair. They may test your NFT or meme culture knowledge. You will likely be tested as an individual at first, but there will also be team or 1 versus 1 games later. We will use UTC and work with the players to provide times that make the most sense.
  • Of course… the surviving players can vote at any time prior to the start of the next game to end the Shiba Games and split the grand prize.

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