The Novas

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April 16, 2022 – April 16, 2022



The Novas is a series of Galactic NFTs kicking off  with our genesis 4321 2D Nova avatar.

The year is 2755 and humans have been venturing out of the comforts of Earth for quite some time now. The Novas are an exclusive group of 4321 space travellers united for their love for the metaspace! 

4321Novas launch into metaspace
claim 3D counterparts
Novawars retro p2e game
Nova Pets airdrop

Upon discovering a planet in the depths of the Andromeda galaxy the Novas stumbled across a species of furry aliens. With the planet became increasingly uninhabitable the Novas decided to take them in as pets.

NOVA College will be opening it's doors to the class of '22. Sign up to the classes you'd like to attend or simply tune into the many AMAs and spaces we will be hosting. In-between events Nova College will be a safe haven for NFT starters and OGs alike to come to for advice, help or purely to network.

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