The Node - Comic Book

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March 31, 2023 – April 07, 2023



The Node

node — “a data structure that stores a value that can be of any data type and has a pointer to another structure." (Webster's Dictionary ) That’s a Node, the concept behind our NODE PROJECT. And what we envision doing is storing value for our community. The NODE is the first-of-its-kind Action Figure NFT collection. The collection consists of 4995 NFTs based on a sci-fi future dystopian comic. As the digital world can not thrive without hardware, we have made the NODE into a PHYGITAL project.

The PHYGITAL aspect of it is that The collection comes in two different phases. The first phase consists of 999 unique book NFTs, which unlock a members-only Web3 authenticated portal that gives access to a digital version and a physical version of the Comic Book + a physical action figure of the characters.

Key Features:

  • DAO Community
  • Weekly Giveaways 
  • First-Ever Comic Book Action SuperHeroes NFTs 
  • Building Comicverse in the Future
  • Animated series
  • Action Figures

Top Utilities:

  • Phygital Project (Vary 1000 first holders will get printed copy of the book)
  • Token Gated Animated Series
  • Building DAO

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