The Kush Spiders

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January 14, 2022 – January 21, 2022



   DirtyBubbleGum presents The Kush Spider Series.The Kush Spider is a representation of decrimilizing the Marijuana plant across the globe. Its web is symbolic of how the marijuana plant webs people(Doctors, Artist, Athletes,Lawyer, ect)of all walks of life together. The hemp plant has served humanity for decades ,from being used as an analgesic ,to being used for its fibers for clothing. 

      This series will consist of 4 different types of Kush Spiders. There will only be 50 of each prototype. The Master Kush Spider, The Blueberry Kush Spider, The Gold Kush Spider and The Gama Ray Kush Spider will be the first set of Kush Spiders.










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