Dickto Club: PRE-SALE MINTING HAPPENING NOW! 10x Dickto Multiplier during pre-sale only!

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November 22, 2021 – December 06, 2021





Dickto pre-sale is happening now! During our pre-sale, if you purchase 1 Dickto, we will airdrop you 9 more Dicktos! 10 Dicktos for the price of 1, but only until we sell out our limited pre-sale (which is going fast). When pre-sale is over, the 10x multiplier is over also! Give a Dickto to a friend, become a Dickto Whale, or even a Dickstributor!

Dickto Club is a female co-found art co-op. Dickto has millions of combinations of unique traits inspired by years of research by our founders.

What started as a community art project is now something we want to share with the world, to promote dickversity, and build a community of Dickto enthusiasts.

20% of minting proceeds will go to charities, RAINN, and the Movember Foundation.

We're using Solana for the project. The Solana platform mirrors how we like our dicktos, fast and accessible. 

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