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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022


Magic Eden



The Dev is a collection of 5555 NFTs generated randomly starting from 190 attributes, each NFT is non-sequential minable. Each NFT is a unique piece and there is no clone of it, owning a THE DEV NFT means being part of a large community and a long-term project aimed at producing passive income.

Our goal is to create a HODL-to-earn DAO with the ability to stake your own, or yours, NFTs in uor DApp for exclusive benefits, DeFi loans, bridges with low fees, token tool.


Step 1)

-Launch Discord          

-Launch Twitter          

-1st NFT's Giveaway  

-Digitalize the Dev     

Step 2)

-Launch Website

-Deploy NFT's on Solana Blockchain

- List on Marketplace

-Whitelist User

Step 3)

-Mint NFT for white list

-Mint NFT for pubblic user

-Burn or buy the rest NFT non sold-out

Step 4)

-Airdrop Royalties to Holder (50% of the Artist's fee)

-Keep the floor price more up than mint's cost

Step 5) 

-Launch $DEV Token and Airdrop for Holder

- Create a HODL-To-Earn DAO where Holders can earn passive income

-Launch DApp for stake and swap $DEV

Step 6)

-Buy Land on SANDBOX and make an exclusive party for the holder 

Tags: #dao

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