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May 26, 2023 – June 02, 2023



Originating from Planet 3,142, this collection of 10,000 NFTs offers a portal to an epic adventure across multiverses.

A genius scientist invented a portal gun to travel across parallel universes and connect the worlds. What untold stories will be discovered? What new species will be encountered? The possibilities are limitless, and the potential to build something extraordinary together is infinite.

We want to bridge the DATS world with Humans and Other NFT Projects in the world. Your Mint Will Open A Digital Wormhole for Various NFT Collections We created The DATS with a long-term goal of creating a platform where everyone can collaborate and reshape the world to change everything from entertainment to gaming. We want to create an interoperable Metaverse platform where various NFT Collections from different communities can co-exist simultaneously. We Believe We Can Do It With Your Help. You are Minting the future of Metaverse.

The Reasons You Need To Join The DATS Community

  • Interoperable Blockchain build for Metaverse
  • Token & DAO
  • Token Staking & many more rewards
  • Movie Franchise for The DATS with other NFT projects - IP Licensing Opportunity.
  • Exclusive access to The Humans NFT Collection - Whitelist spot
  • The DATS Club Commerce Platform with Unique Merchandise
  • Free Mint for the upcoming The DATS Pets NFT Collection
  • Access to the Exclusive The DATS community with Perks
  • IRL and Digital Events
  • The DATS World: The Social Gaming Platform 

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Join the movement and be part of our vibrant community as we reshape the metaverse together!

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