Drop of The Work "Silence"

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September 27, 2021 – October 04, 2021




"Divine States" is a collection of 5 digital art pieces that immerse the viewer on a spiritual journey, opening a portal to the divine. Exploring the states of Silence, Creativity, Honesty, Strength & Empathy, we approach the border between physical & spiritual worlds, drawing a parallel between human states & the main elements of life: water, air, fire, earth & love.

The first drop is "Silence"—a resource state to which a person returns to hear oneself. "Silence" is from the element of water, personifying harmony with oneself and the world around us.

This is an international collaboration between sculptor Apollinaria Evdokimenko, designer Evgeny Chekhov, actor Lawrence Fuller, composer Woodju, curator Daniel Petersen, & writer Marina Kochan. It is presented as a video monologue, using photogrammetry of real sculptures, which were then destroyed for eternal life in the digital realm. By purchasing the NFT, the collector receives an exclusive recreated miniature of the original piece.

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