Saber X by MeForia

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March 26, 2023 – April 02, 2023


Magic Eden



MeForia is a place where the amalgamation of extinct animals, as beautiful artworks of jewelry has taken place. Giving us the opportunity to experience these animals once more, on the Metaverse.

This is an Art, Conservation & Jewelry NFT. 

The genesis collection is titled 'Saber X by MeForia', is aptly named after the historically powerful Saber-Tooth Tiger, and consists of 996 hand drawn pieces, a year in the making.

The artist and founder behind this project respectively, are based in the field of jewelry design and distribution; were raised in Botswana; and have a very special bond with the beauty of the region’s ancestral beasts.
They also believe that jewelry is not only a construct of metalwork to be adorned by individuals, but also an artwork in itself to be stored, and hung in our homes for display and admiration.

Each specific piece from the Saber X Collection, offers its owner:

  1. Different rarity level based on the combination of appendages, which are all hand drawn, and then randomly applied within their respective GIA Color Chart.
  2. 60% Discount on Yuwana X MeForia Collection Pieces from Yuwana Fine Jewelry Stores subject to the NFT Rarity.

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