Rogue Circuits

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October 20, 2021 – October 23, 2021






Quality Focused. Our first Rogue Circuit drop will take time, effort and a lot of creativity to get to the standard we want it to be at. Our vision is to create a unique character that would allow us to develop on in the future. Over 100+ rarity criteria to truly make every RogueCircuit a one of a kind. With a release date on 10/20 we expect our community to continue growing everyday with a one mission in mind #RogueTogether.


Our vision with Rogue Circuits as physical creations. We are passionate about collectables and ownership of different kinds of assets. We will be bringing our concept to life with high-quality collectables and exclusive items to go with the rarest NFTs. After several talks with high credible art and toys makers, we are currently working on some concepts we will keep our community updated as we go! Some surprises are worth waiting for.  Rogue will also be creating limited clothing and merch drops and using high-quality materials and textiles with eco-friendly fabrics. By sticking to our vision and community we’ll be bringing our design principles and vision to life. Continuously create unique characters and items to empower our community and grow the Rogue. #RogueTogether 


We have plans to collab with select artists in the NFT community that share our vision and truly excited about it. We'd like to develop a series in which each Rogue Circuit is made in collaboration with artists that have the same aspirations. We would create a small collection of 1/1 unique Rogue Circuits by artists, with a goal to pay for students' college tuition and inspire the next generation of art and tech! #RogueScholarFund. This collection is beyond just an NFT project and we are incredibly excited to see what we can accomplish!


When all of these stages are completed, we’ll continue to work with our community to grow the Rogue and accomplish more. Another way to incentivize our community will be the liquidity pool.  We open up #RogueSquadFund where all members have an equal opportunity to win or earn tokens!  We have other aspirations to bring our characters to the real world and the gaming world but thats something we’ll keep as a surprise for later down the line. We are counting on your support! We look forward to seeing what happens in the future! Lets Rogue Together ♥



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