Reducing Poverty in Ukraine

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January 21, 2023 – January 28, 2023



Charity DAO has released their latest NFT collection - Reducing Poverty and Boosting Resilience in Ukraine. Our artists decided to feature dogs to represent humans from different levels of society in Ukraine. The NFTs are reflective of their daily lives and the impacts of the living conditions in poverty. Some of the NFTs show dogs with their clothes in tatters, a black eye, but they maintain a sense of pride through perfectly trimmed beards.

Did you know that there are more than 700 million people (10% of the world's population) still living in extreme poverty, and their most basic needs such as health care, education, water and sanitation are not met.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has triggered a major humanitarian crisis. The prolonged conflict will push an estimated 30% of Ukraine's population below the poverty line, while another 62% are at risk of falling into poverty within a year (United Nations Development Programme, 2022).

There are still a lot of people suffering and living in poverty globally, especially people in Ukraine. Let's go hand in hand and work together to eradicate poverty now! You can do so by supporting Charity DAO’s NFT collection - Reducing Poverty and Boosting Resilience in Ukraine.


Editor note:
This project claims to raise money for providing financial aid to Ukraine which is now suffering from Russian aggression.
Please note that you are sending money to a third party whose further actions are out of our control. NFT Calendar can't guarantee that funds will be sent to the charitable organisations.
If you are willing to directly support Ukraine with crypto, we have created a list of funds you can donate to.

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