Project Cell

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May 26, 2022 – June 02, 2022


Magic Eden



WL Mint: 1.8 SOL/Public Mint: 2 SOL

Cells are the basic building blocks of all life. With that concept, Project Cell aims to be the basic building block and safe haven of the Solana ecosystem. To achieve that goal, 3000 Cell NFT cards were forged to invite adventurers worldwide to build a strong community. We hope that YOU can join us on our journey!

In the Cellverse, holders can chat with each other, start missions and interact with Non-playable Characters (NPCs) while earning Cell coins that can be converted to $CELLVERSE tokens in the future thus incentivizing people to be in the Cellverse. 

To keep the Cellverse immersive, in the future we intend to build in a 3D aspect to the current 2D Cellverse. There are also other key benefits in the future to keep the community excited, with the Living room NFT airdrop, staking , merchandise and a Profile Picture (PFP) collection.

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