Pitahayas On Sol

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July 12, 2024 – July 19, 2024



Welcome to the vibrant world of Pitahayas On Solana! Our project brings you a unique collection of 10,000 meticulously crafted pixel art NFTs.

Style: Pixel Art
Marketplace: LaunchMyNFT
Type: De-Fi Project
Supply: 10,000
Blockchain: Solana
Mintdate: July 12th
Public Sale: 0.01 Sol
WL Presale: 0.006 Sol

Road Map:

  • Step 1: a certain stock of 10,000 unique digital art, will be available to mint on launchmynft
  • Step 2: create a Discord Server and Twitter to start the collaboration, marketing, and branding process.
  • Step 3: create a Blog/Whitepaper with all the details of the project and the benefits for the holders.
  • Step 4: reach the mint day to achieve a sold-out and move on to the next face of the project in which we will create and launch our Solana token, give it liquidity and we will give all the promised benefits to the holders.
  • Step 5: launch a trailer for the Animated Web Series.

Together, let’s grow the Pitahayas On Solana community and create a colorful and prosperous future!

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