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March 08, 2023 – March 15, 2023





gm friends!

Lets chat about my new piece, “PILLOWS!’

This is my first piece dropping on @foundation via @manifold and the start of a new super rare collection ‘Alimo - Originals’

1/1 physical + digital NFT
30 x 40" in | 3200 x 4000 px
The winner receives both pieces

The project drops 3/08/23 at 7pm ET on @foundation.

Almost one year ago I jumped into the web3 space and dropped my first collection. It’s been so dang fun. To pay homage to my genesis ‘snow collection’, my new piece ‘Pillows’ was born.

NFT comes with:

  • physical and digital piece
  • NFC chip for proof of authenticity
  • Token-gate into my E-commerce store at 30% off storefront at www.alimofun.com

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