Outlaw owls

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June 01, 2022 – June 08, 2022



The OUTLAW OWLS collection consists of 3,700 completely unique and funky Wild West Owl characters. The collection is the first NFT collection of the Funky Forest Club, which is the world's first Meta NFT Project. 

By minting an Outlaw Owl NFT, you will also receive up to 7 future Funky Forest Club NFT Collections for free! In addition, you will receive our unique Meta NFT at no additional cost immediately after our public launch. This unique Meta NFT will be your exclusive Funky Forest Club VIP Membership Card that is connected to all future collections of the Funky Forest Club and provides many innovative possibilities. The unique, game-changing key feature of our Meta NFT is yet to be revealed.

We also have 9 exciting core utilities that make investing in the project a real no-brainer. We have an unique NFT subscription service, a high return on investment, our NFTs have high-quality art, we donate large amounts for the forests of our real world and much more! Early members will benefit extremely over time.

Stay tuned and get in touch with us! A closer look at our project will definitely be worth it!

The mint date on this website is not correct, but we had to enter something to be listed here. Join our Discord to get more information!

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