Not Okay Babies NFT Collection

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June 24, 2022 – July 01, 2022


Magic Eden



Not Okay Babies is an animated collection of 5,555 babies dedicated to providing utilities and value. Each baby is one of a kind and programmatically generated from over 186 possible traits with a wide array of colors, facial features, outfits, headwear, accessories, and backgrounds. All babies are adored, but some are rarer than others.

The babies are stored as 5,555 tokens on the Solana blockchain and hosted on Arweave. Purchasing a babies costs 0.90 SOL if you are whitelisted and 1.5 SOL in the public sale.

Every Not Okay Babies holder has access to an exclusive Discord economy system, an exclusive members-only area, for which a phantom sign-in is required. As well as access to daily contests and giveaways.

To find out how you can get whitelisted stop by our Twitter.

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