Nonnish the Weight of Night

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March 10, 2023 – March 17, 2023




Bitcoin Ordinals

A set of 1/1 Ordinals to kick-off the Nonnish bitcoin adventure.  Each piece guarantees a free mint in every future ordinal drop, plus 500 shroom tokens and an exclusive total shroom yield multiplier.

A growing collection of mankind's fears and desires, I invite you deep into the graveyard hours, where shortcomings and worries take on an almost physical presence. I sleep very little, and find myself constantly caught in my own thoughts and waking dreams like some black, inescapable net. Stargazing, consulting the sky, hoping to receive some astral guidance. But that impossible number of white eyes glows back at me in the gloom, watching and whispering that the night is no longer a time of peace or rest – this is an illusion –  but of the most powerful reflections. What is this all for; will I be Great; is it even worth it … These moments are like an impenetrable, existential impetus, and all I am able to do is let it crash through me. Do you also feel such inquiries rending your heart? I know that if you do, then you also possess the most important quality of all, which this set embodies: one’s Resolve. The coward abandons himself first; and so we must go forward, Friend.

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