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October 07, 2021 – October 14, 2021



the.art_Club is our membership area and main focus. There are 2500 mint-able NFTs for 0.10 Ethereum each. We will outline our benefits in this article; 

Smart contract center: create your NFT contracts
Individual VR rooms: exclusive access to VR settings
on_Sound jam sessions: explore new artists chill
artist_Drops: get up to 3 drops (gas only) a month
Free entry to our on_Chain collaborations

We offer three different membership levels depending on how many memberships you hold; Smart contract center, individual VR rooms, and free entry to our collaborations are included in each membership tier.

Level 1 (1 membership NFT): 2500 supply collections & on_Sound dropsLevel 2 (3 membership NFTs): Level 1 & access to 800 supply collections
Level 3 (5 membership NFTs): Level 1 & 2; 1/1 drops; eligible for previous unminted artwork

You will have access to different-sized collections. Whether you want to use only our features and get large-sized drops or if you are here for more exclusive collections, the decision is up to you!

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