Nftquant mint

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July 30, 2022 – August 04, 2022



NFTQuant is the most advanced NFT trading automation tool for pro traders. NFTQuant aims to target the most sophisticated NFT traders to stay ahead of the competition among all other NFT all-in-one platforms in the market. In order to win the market, bot with algorithmic trading capability is the golden key . 

Some of the hero features, not limited to: 

 Auto buy 

 Auto mint 

 Auto bid

 Auto sell

 Auto wallet

 Auto gas

Mint detail

Supply: 777 X NFTQuant Membership License

Price: 0.9 ETH (Premint) / 0.99 ETH (Public mint)

Premint 30 July 10:00 am EST

Public sale 31 July 10:00 am EST

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