Multiverse Warrior Collection by Rens and The Sandbox

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November 18, 2022 – November 21, 2022




Made with the metaverse interoperability and sustainability in mind, the creator behind the world's first coffee and bamboo-made hoodies and sneakers, Rens is joining efforts with The Sandbox ecosystem for an NFT collection. Bringing the sustainability of recycling in the production of fashionable items to the metaverse, Rens and The Sandbox NFTs are bridging the physical and virtual worlds.

The official collaboration results in the exclusive NFT series of 333 unique NFTs with more than 100 traits on three blockchains at a time, including 111 assets on Avalanche, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Minting an NFT from the Rens and The Sandbox Collection, the holders will benefit from owning a real-life signature Rens Elemental Hoodie made from used coffee beans, recycled plastic, and bamboo. An all-in-one super comfortable item, sustainably made from recycled materials, will also come paired with an exclusive Multiverse Warrior digital skin, playable with superb abilities within The Sandbox. The drop arrives timed to The Day of Metaverse Interoperability on November 18th. 

Participate in building the interoperable story in web3 and get access to supreme physical products by joining the Rens and The Sandbox Collection NFT mint!

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