MirrorWorld NFT Drop

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September 30, 2021 – September 30, 2021



Why we launch Mirror NFTs?

1. Mirror World is Worlds as Games. Mirror NFT is a KEY into Play-and-Earn gaming worlds that are connected to each other.

2. With an AI-powered Soul, the Mirror NFT is intelligent and will evolve over time as users interact with it. You will be able to chat with your NFT on our official site!

3. Owners will receive PERKS such as:

    - Opportunity to co-create game worlds with our team and the community

    - Discounted purchase of future assets in games

    - Future Airdrops including 3D models, new AI-powered souls, and more

    - Voting rights and governance rewards

What are the values of Mirror NFT’s?

1️. Gameplay Value

For the collector of Mirror NFTs, he/she will not only get a static presentation of the collection, but also an interactive NFT with utility value.

These NFTs will level up as they interact with the player, and the level up will bring some subsequent benefits and integration with the gameplay in the coming games.

2️. Economic Value

For these wallet addresses participating in the airdrop and pre-sale, holders can claim their assets every 30 days according to the timeline (since the settlement policy of Opensea is 1 time in every 30 days)

Starting after the official sale, 30 days will be a settlement date, and buyers participating in the pre-sale and airdrops (addresses in the whitelist of airdrops and pre-sale) will periodically share equally N% of the project's secondary market liquidity, where N = (total number of airdrops and pre-sale) / total number of offerings.

3️. NFT Airdrops

Airdrops of 3D models (triggered at 30% in roadmap implementation)

4️. Game Assets

The characters of Mirror NFTs have a certain chance to be reused as in-game characters in multiple interconnected games.

Players with Mirror NFTs will receive a specific discount when purchasing in-game assets

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