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February 24, 2024 – March 02, 2024







KAIttens are a new breed of Kittens. They are raised by AI. While they retain their feline grace and charm, they are awkward around humans. This leads to them looking very surprised while being photographed. KAIttens is a collection of 4,056 unique kittens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each KAItten is a 1/1 painting and does not closely resemble any other KAItten.

Originally, the KAIttens were stray kittens trained to be used as spy agents by the World Overlord League (WOL). The WOL’s plans were thwarted by Miguel, the hero cat. Unlike the rest of the KAIttens, Miguel is not a kitten, but a fully matured cat who was mistaken for a kitten due to his diminutive size and sluggish movements. Miguel defeated the rogue AI the WOL had subverted, and temporarily put a halt to the WOL’s plans. Thanks to Miguel, the KAIttens are now experts in Horticulture and Floriculture. They go about the Arctic spreading flowers and joy with each paw step. Having converted the Arctic into a verdant paradise, their aim is now to be adopted by cat lovers around the world.

What will your KAItten do for you?

Tags: #art

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