K-Pop Band aespa and Blake Kathryn NFT Collection on Sotheby's

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October 13, 2022 – October 21, 2022






On October 13th, the leading web3 bidding house for digital art NFTs, Sotheby's, launched a one-week auction of the trending audio-visuals by the hyping K-pop band aespa in partnership with the stellar artist Blake Kathryn. The NFT collection entitled 'æ girls' comprises a three-part series, combining beautiful dynamic artworks by Blake Kathryn, a miraculous audio track by aespa, and a plethora of metaverse and IRL utilities for holders.

The whole æ girls collection is introduced by 10 lots, including an open edition, super exclusive, special editions, and limited editions. The first lot in the series, dubbed MY pass, is an open edition that acts as an access key for any fan and collector. Each MY pass comes with a free NFT from the collection of 16 personalized artworks representing each of aespa’s four members. The Passes come are priced at $65 each and provide access to aespa's Kwangya marketplace. 

Next comes the Dreamspace, which is a one-of-one exclusive NFT, reflecting the environmental space of each aespa member, including a metaverse-ready GBL file. Besides, the winner of this token will get hold of a video recording of aespa and Blake Kathryn, a high-res signed physical print, and a chance to meet with Blake Kathryn in VR during a 15-minute call. In addition, the holder will be rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, namely an all-inclusive trip to meet aespa in Seoul at their next concert.

And, finally, comes the main part of the collection – The Altars, which are also split into two subdivisions: Special Edition 1 and Limited Edition 2-8. 

The tokens feature four fine art executions of each aespa member as an altar, with a specific audio file, as well as signature iconography and aesthetics of the aespa Kwangya metaverse space. As for the holder-only utilities, these comprise access to the aespa metaverse, an audio message from the band member featured on the Altar, and a metaverse-ready GLB of a signature symbol from each member’s Altars. 

As for the dates, the Dreamspace and Special Edition auction ends on October 19th, while Passes and Limited Edition Altars will be available until October 21st.

aespa was founded in 2020 by South Korea’s largest entertainment company SM Entertainment. 'ae' in the name of the group stands for 'Avatar & Experience,' while aspect, means 'two sides', to symbolize the idea of 'meeting another self and experiencing the new world’. The band members Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning use their avatars to blur the limits between VR and IRL, seamlessly transferring their audience between the realms through their VR-based storyline.

As for the artist, Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles-based 3D artist with a surreal futurist aesthetic. Infused with retro-futuristic visuals, her artworks were appreciated by big brands and celebs. Thus, the artist boasts collaborations with Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Paris Hilton, Lil Nas X, and recently aespa. 

Plunge yourself into the glittering world of K-pop by participating in the auction, and may your bids be the winning ones!

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