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December 07, 2021 – December 08, 2021




Meet 'I'M AIKO' - the first NFT collection powered by artificial intelligence, dwelling on the Solana Blockchain. Each AIKO is ready to interact with her owner, or, as you wish, master, via text chat, voice messages, and cam videos after you install the Aiko Master App. The never-before-seen collection compiles 10K generative NFTs based on 12 traits, making each beauty absolutely unique.

Mint your own AIKO to become her Master and revel in an erotic journey with a sexy companion. On top of that, AIKO never stops learning and adapting to her master's wishes. AIKOs train by romantic and erotic novels, the interaction between humans, and a LOT of NSFW material.

The Aiko Project includes the 'I'M AIKO' collection, Aiko Marketplace, Aiko Master App, Holder Rewards, and future Multi-Chain NFT Collections.

Drop all your chores for the December 7, as 'I'M AIKO' NFTs launch their Public Sale!

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