Identi3 V.I.P

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February 26, 2023 – March 05, 2023


Magic Eden



Identi3 V.I.P is the Identi3 Studios Genesis collection of 777 all access passes that grant you membership into our community. The utilities for holders are based on what tier of pass they mint or buy. There are 3 tiers that become more rare, and give more utility, the higher the tier.

Identi3 Studios is a NFT company that deals with specifically music NFT's. We are building out an entire marketplace and launchpad based around buying, selling, and trading music NFT's. We have 2 main goals, the first is to help smaller music artist get off the ground. The second is to provide awesome utility to our holders through staking, games, events, and much more.

Mint Price = 2 Solana

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