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May 20, 2022 – May 27, 2022


Magic Eden



Imagine buying a lottery ticket once, and being entered into a draw EVERY WEEK just from that 1 purchase. HUSKYHOLDERS is exactly that. Every Saturday we draw 20 of our holders addresses to win a split of that weeks trading volume.


I'lL jUsT sCrEeNsHoT iT fOr FrEe. Ever heard that? Well this collection (as amazing as Dave the dog is) is more than just a series of images on the blockchain. Each HuskyHoldersNFT is a lottery ticket that NEVER EXPIRES! HuskyHoldersNFT are on the Solana blockchain and will be bought and sold using SOL.

By holding a Husky you're automatically entered into the lottery. 20 holders will win a % of the weekly trading volume every Saturday! If you are one of our winners your SOL winnings will be sent to your wallet Have you ever bought a lottery ticket before? That enters you into a one time lottery draw for one day. HuskyHolders takes that concept but makes it even better! Own at least one NFT and be entered into our draws EVERY SINGLE WEEK .

Don't get me started on the odds on regular lottery! 1 IN 45,057,474. With HuskyHolders the odds are 1 in 3333 if you own just 1 piece from our collection! Every Saturday evening @ 5pm GMT a lottery will be drawn where 20 holders will win 50% of the previous weeks sales royalties. Not only that but if the whole collection sells out on mint day we will be giving away a PS5 and an Xbox Series X to 2 lucky holders

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