Gremlinz nft

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June 22, 2022 – June 29, 2022


Magic Eden



4333 Gremlinz with Different Species

Currently Working with Whitelisting Event

~Whitelisted Gremlinz have an advance 30 minutes before public mint.Additionally we have 1000 spots for this and we're raffling 333 spot for Free Mints within Whitelisted Gremlinz.

~OG Gremlinz have an Advance 30 minutes before whitelist mint.Additonally we have 333 spot for this and all of them have 3 free mints. Lastly this role is retainable to the next Gremlinz Project we're planning upon succesfull launch.

Go in our Discord and Join with the Giveaway.

Additional Prizes for lucky Whitelisted Gremlinz is waiting. 



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