Golden age

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September 25, 2022 – October 02, 2022





I have been working on this Collection for quite some time. They are portraits, sometimes psychological, that express a certain emotion.

They are oil or acrylic paintings made by me, quite spontaneous, sometimes almost abstract.

In total there will be 33 pieces that will be minted in the Solana block chain.

We have a large and growing community

My Road map is aimed at improving every day in each new work, that's why I've decided to make a 2nd collection that goes beyond just portraits, in which I already have many sketches on: Situations, where the human figure is immersed with various characters inside the scene. These dreamscapes are going to be complex and picturesque.

I am an artist who has incorporated to work day by day in new works, take everything out of me and capture it through Art on the canvas.

I think that as an artist the road map as an artist will always be focused on continuing to mature the concepts, and continue working on those existential concerns that make me continue creating every day.

When the collection is completely sold, I will start with the 2nd stage (2nd collection) where:

* All token holders will receive a free NFT when the 2nd stage of the project is launched (2nd collection).

* All token holders can get an original oil painting with personalized Discounts.

* All token holders of one token, if they have the possibility to come to Cuba, will have the visit to Studio O208 and know the studio and the work of DayronArtes. They will also be given a guided Tour of different art studios in Old Havana, Cuba, to learn about the creative processes of different artists and talk about it.

My Art has nothing to do with crypto punks or Bored Ape  I think that in my works there is a part of my experience, my concerns and my creative desire.

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