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April 01, 2022 – April 08, 2022



Blockchain adoption is happening but not fast enough! That is why we are building ProcessLenz Blockchain Advisor. 

A Web3.0 version of our software will help companies identify how to best use blockchain technologies in their businesses

We are a Canadian startup with partners such as 


 Microsoft for Startups 

 District 3

Our clients are companies you love like 




 And many more!

We are building the blockchain advisor for them and for the thousands of other companies that want to start using these technologies 

We have asked 5000 of the smartest and coolest robots living on the Ethereum network to help us transform our SaaS platform into a Web3.0 app.

It will be a challenging mission, some even think it will not see the day of light but equipped with some cutting edge utility the Robots are on a mission to bring blockchain automation to all companies!

If they succeed in their mission the Robots will rid the entire world of repetitive and boring tasks so that the humans can focus on what really matters.

If you join OUR MISSION Today : 

      An exciting journey!

      WL Spot 

     Exclusive NFT Trading Contest 

      World Famous celebrities: to be revealed 

      NFT Staking for passive income

      Amazing metaverse ready avatar

      And a lot more: so what are you waiting for!

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