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October 16, 2021 – October 16, 2021



Hello dear NFT fans,

We would like to introduce you to our NFT project.

Gems NFT was created by a group of trading card collectors and NFT enthusiasts. It is important for us to represent the collector experience of cards as good as possible. We were inspired by famous collectible cards like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering.

Four main characteristics of trading cards were important to us.

Incentive of collecting - trading card format
Incentive of participation - collector goals
Incentive to invest - valuable motive
Incentive to trade - full transparency of the economy

We have 10 different cuts and 10 different gems. Combined, there will be 100 unique cards.

These cards will be available in different editions, including a promo edition.

Follow us on our Twitter channel and find a lot of additional information like different sample maps or a whitepaper for additional information.

Become part of a big trading card community.

We are looking forward to you!

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