Estée Lauder NFTs as Part of the Decentraland Fashion Week

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March 24, 2022 – March 27, 2022



Decentraland Fashion Week has just opened its doors for dozens of high-profile brands and thousands of visitors. Fashion, cosmetics, beauty, and accessories giants are welcoming their fans, treating them to exclusive experiences and goodies. 

While some big brands have entered the web3 long ago, others, like the exclusive beauty brand, Estée Lauder, are only setting their feet into the metaverse. Estée Lauder is not just trying web3 but bursts into the realm with a 10,000 NFT collection to commemorate the Decentraland Fashion Week. On top of that, the brand acts as the official exclusive sponsor of the event.

The NFTs by Estée Lauder will be focused on its product, dubbed Advanced Night Repair. The non-fungible serum will add avatars a "glowing, radiant look” and will be free for all users who visit the Estée Lauder set-up during Metaverse Fashion Week.

Stéphane de La Faverie, Global Brand President of Estée Lauder and Aerin Beauty, commented on the NFT drop, saying that it "marks a pivotal point for Estée Lauder in how we reach and engage new and existing customers in the metaverse."

Besides, Jon Roman, Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Marketing and Online, Estée Lauder added: "I don’t think we want to just create something that we have to promote on our own or drive people to the metaverse. We really want to operate within the metaverse environment to introduce our brand to consumers that are in the metaverse already."

Join the Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland, which is being held from March 24th up to March 27th, to avail yourself of the Estée Lauder NFTs and try some other exclusive experiences.

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