Elves of The North

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November 26, 2021 – November 26, 2021



Elves of the North are 8,888 Ethereum genesis elves building innovation through the community. Elves of the North is an Ethereum based project dedicated to creating a community where we innovate, share and thrive. 

Our art is among the most beautiful in the NFT space that we think others will love.

Ownership gives the ability, to be a part of community exclusive initiatives and voting rights. This includes an NFT space first, of actually choosing the future of our projects “roadmap 2.0”. This ranges from art, story, collection size - the works. On top of this, we have a large, and dedicated prize pool for holders to have the chance to win. To accomplish this and empower our community we will have $JINGLE. $JINGLE is a utility token for the Elves of the North universe.

This utility token will be rewarded to holders daily, in order to be used for different functions within the project. Although we guarantee you amazing art, building value into ownership by the community is our core focus.

This project is not seasonal, and we ultimately want to leave the future of the project up to the community, being as interactive as possible.

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