Disciples of Shadowlore: Rise of the Necronarchs

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November 11, 2022 – November 18, 2022



The Disciples of Shadowlore are fighting their endless battle between light and darkness to work on their expansion of power. The day of judgement, called the Rakdorra, is about to arrive and the races want their fraction to be favored by the gods to ensure their ascension to paradise.

The Rise of the Necronarchs trading card collection is the first big Disciples of Shadowlore collection featuring unique creatures, lands, artefacts and spells of 5 different fractions: The Arcane Spirits, the Abyssians, the Earth Leechers, the Blood Dwellers and the Necronarchs.

The collection is no auto-generated 10k NFT collection. Each card is unique and handmade with its own stats, specials and attributes, thus only about 100 cards are available! Rare or Legendary cards have a higher floor price than others.

Witness the uprise of the Necronarchs and secure your NFTs!

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