Digi Kiwi

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October 20, 2021 – October 27, 2021



Welcome to the Land of the Digital Cloud! The Digital Cloud, or Digi-Verse, is a universe full of different creatures and animals. With numerous realms within the Digi-Verse, multiple factions are vying for power and the chance to dethrone the status quo.

The Digi-Verse is split into numerous realms. The first realm that will be released will be the Bush realm, the home of the Digi-Kiwi. 160 unique Digi Kiwi will be available for purchase on the Fantom Network, split into 8 different ranks!

Our vow as a team is to support this project as we grow through different series and additions to the Digi-Verse. We aim to release different editions and series as we build this universe, or Digi-Verse!

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