Dallia - Yin & Yang

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March 24, 2023 – March 31, 2023



Popstar Dallia is collaborating with Woosh to launch a standout NFT collection for her song Yin and Yang. The NFTs feature iconic looks from the music video and provide benefits to their holders.

The limited edition collection consists of 200 tokens. NFT holders will attend a meet and greet with Dallia (physical or virtual, depending on the buyer’s preference) and access a close fan community where exclusive footage will be shared. In addition, they can order a physical certificate of ownership with a personal note and an autograph from Dallia. The NFTs can be purchased on woosh.rocks from March 22, 2023 at $15 apiece with Bitcoin as well as debit and credit cards.

By purchasing Dallia's limited edition collectible NFTs, you're making a significant positive impact on her music career. Being an independent artist requires hard work and persistence. While it's extremely rewarding, she also carries a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. Dallia is in charge of recording songs, producing music videos, distributing, promoting new releases, managing intellectual property, and even financing her creative projects. This is a perfect opportunity to help Dallia succeed as an independent artist and show her some support. The proceeds from the sale of these non-fungible tokens will allow her to finance the production of new inspiring songs and stunning music videos.

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